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Envolta systems is founded in 2014 with the aim to being a solution provider in power quality and energy monitoring across all industrial verticals. Company has grown strength to strength and focuses on designing and deploying customised solutions to improve power quality and making, clients more efficient by advanced monitoring systems innovations.

Envolta Systems helps all customers to become more productive, efficient and profitable. We offer power quality solutions, advanced Energy Monitoring and Illumination solutions. We are equipped with all required instruments for study. Our team is competent to study present scenario and to offer solutions to improve on it.  We have more than 75 customers benefited from our solutions. We have designed and developed solutions having RoI less than 24 months. We offer solutions in few areas where in our customers conserve energy up to 30%.

We, at Envolta Systems, are committed to improve our competency to provide latest and advanced technology and to offer solutions for energy conservations.

On-Site Energy Meter Calibration

Energy meter calibration for all industrial/commercial customers.

Using Reference Energy meter kit, that is tested and certified by MGVCL-HiTech Laboratory, which is duly certified by the National Accredition Board for Testing and Calibration laboratories (NABL), by Government of India.

On load testing of energy meters avoids requirements of shutdown.

Test certificate if provided after testing carried out for each Energy meters.

Harmonic Audit

Analyze level of harmonics and reading instantaneous values of various electrical parameters, at various feeder level for various load conditions.

Monitoring and recording of Electrical parameters including THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) and individual harmonics up to 50th level.

In case harmonics level seems to be above range (as per IEEE-519 norms), we design and derive harmonic mitigation solution and recommend in our report.


Capacitor Health Check Analysis

Illumination Study

Power Quality/Harmonics &
Reactive Power Management
For  Harmonic Mitigation and Reactive Power Management.
Power Capacitors

Super heavya duty gas filled capacitors : 5 kVAr to 50 kVAr (440 V/525 V)

SECUMETTM and SINECUTTM – Patent Technologies

High Over-current rating (ls – 300xln, with lmax – 1.5………1.8xln)

Temperature Rating : -40° C / 60° C

Unanimously accepted worldwide

Imported from Electronicon, Made in Germany (Manufacturing since 1938)


8/12/14 steps contactor and thyristor switching

No programming set up required

USP : Anti-resonance protection

Suitable for x/1A & x/5A current path

As low as 15mA starting current

THD monitoring & Programming trip function

Imported from Electronicon, Made in Germany (Manufacturing since 1938)

Detuned Trap Reactors

Copper or Aluminium winding

Vacuum-Impregnated for low noise

Low loss iron core with 100% CRGO material

Available with 5.67%, 7% and 14% detuning factor

High linearity rating – 175%

Some More Products

Thyristor Switch Module

Passive Filters

Power Analysers

Servo Stabilizers

Active Harmonic Filters

Online UPS

Lighting Energy Savers

APFC Panels

RTPFC Panels

APFC/RTPFC Panels with Detuned Reactors

Advanced Energy Management System

Smart-e-Server is an extended hardware (looks like TV set top box) to be connected with any RS485 modbus energy meters/multifunction energy meters/flow meters/temp controllers/pressure meters etc.

Very easy to install at site. It requires just 230VAC input and has RS485 input (4 wire connection)

This is a Smart device with in-built GPRS Sim connectivity

Once Smart-e-Server connected in field, Data can be accessible from any internet enabled device through Smart-e-Energy Cloud hosted software platform

There are various models of Smart-e-Server : Smart-e-Server-08, Smart-e-Server-12, Smart-e-Server-22. (08, 12, 22 stands for maximum RS485 devices can be connected)

“n” numbers of Smart-e-Server can be installed at one site, and can be accessible from single software platform depending on requirement

1 year warranty


Multifunction Energy Meters

Model MFR2810 is 96*96 mm, 3 Row, 4 digit 7 segment LED based Multifunction energy meters

It is available with Acc. Cl. 1.0, 0.5 and 0.2

It has in-built RS485 Modbus port

It monitors electrical parameters like V,A,F,PF,kW,kWh,Run Hrs.,On Hrs.,No. of Interuptions etc.

Another Model MFR4210 has same features (like MFR2810) including all electrical parameters like V,A,F,PF,kW,kVA,kVAh,kWh,kVAh,kVArh,%THD,Run Hrs,On Hrs,No. of Intruptions etc.

3 years warranty



Smart-e-Switch is a hardware. It can be connected to an equipment in industry/commercial space to switch ON/OFF particular equipment through Cellphone/PC/Tablet.

There are various applications where in this device can be utilised to switch status (On/Off) like Feeder/Machine, Unmanned equipment operations, Agriculture Pumps, etc through internet.

Multiple Potential free contacts can be available on single Smart-e-Switch.



Smart-e-Utility is a hardware available with multiple digital inputs, digital outputs, analogue inputs.

Very easy to install at site. It has just 230VAC input and DI/DO/AI (4-20mA,0-5VDC,0-10VDC).

This is a Smart device with in-built GPRS Sim connectivity.

Once Smart-e-Utility is connected in field, Data can be accessed from any internet enabled device through Smart-e-Energy Cloud hosted software platform.

Single Smart-e-Utility has 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs and 8 Analogue inputs.

Single hardware can have multiple inputs from Temperature, Pressure, flow etc.

“n” numbers of Smart-e-Utility can be installed at one site, and can be accessible from single software platform depending on requirement.


Illumination Solutions by Industrial LED
LED Fixtures

Well Glass Fixture
WP : 15W – 100W
FP : 15W – 90W

Well Glass Fixture
WP : 15W – 100W
FP : 15W – 90W

Clean room fixture
WP : 15W – 30W
FP : 15W – 60W

Hi-Bay Fixture
WP : 45W – 240W

Street Light Fixture
WP : 15W – 200W
FP : 15W – 60W

Flood Light Fixture
WP : 45W – 220W
FP : 45W – 150W

Flood Light Fixture
WP : 45W – 220W
FP : 45W – 150W

High Mast Fixture
WP : 150W – 600W

Bulk Head Fixture
FP : 15W – 90W

Reactor Vessel Lamp Fixture
FP : 15W

Hand Lamp Fixture
FP : 15W

Solution Features
  • High efficiency LED – 165 lm/W from Citizen – Japan
  • Higher Sustainability
  • Unique Thermal Management with required surface area counting
  • Optics design – 5° to 120° spreading angle
  • Glare free lightning
  • Available CCT – 3000k/5000k/6500k
  • Minimum CRI – 70RA
  • 2 years to 5 years warranty
  • Illumination study on request
Illumination Service
  • Envolta proposes illumination study to all the industrial clients for measuring lux level for indoor/outdoor industrial areas. These measurements are compared with IS standards level and thus, a detailed report is created.
  • The report includes
    • Recommendation on replacement of conventional fixtures with industrial LED fixtures
    • Proposed illumination drawings
    • Project cost with ROI


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