Power Quality

Advancements in electronics have introduced greater command over the engineering and manufacturing processes. Widespread adoption of the process automation is a testimony of this development. This automation demands deployment of lots of electronic devices such as computers, servers, PLCs, electronic cards, etc. And these electronic components do humongous amount of switching for AC to DC and DC to AC conversions, offering smoother control. Unfortunately such actions invite Harmonics in the power system of the plant. And the electronic cards and protection devices are susceptible to these Harmonics. Envolta offers solutions covering an extensively wide range of Harmonic related issues in the Power System.

Poor power quality has made the manufacturing units vulnerable to a wide range of issues, such as nuisance tripping of the production line equipment, malfunctioning of the protection relays, reduced machine lives, abnormal noise in panels, degradation of machine efficiency.

Addressing such a wide range of problems, Envolta helped the organizations in reducing their maintenance cost, improving their machine performances, and in turn contributing to their profitability. Here is a sneak-peak to our state-of-the art engineering solution

Power Quality: Typical issues & Solution by Envolta

Retrofitting, design & deployment

We can do retrofitting in the existing capacitor panel with LC filters
(with contactors or
with TSM)

We design power factor improvement panels for projects based on load details.

We proposed centralised RTPFC / decentralised RTPFC Panels / Fixed capacitors in the project, based on load

Poor Power Factor not only increases your electricity bill, but also introduces poor power quality.
We design and deploy asolution with a guarantee for PF above 0.99

Our Solutions are backed by superior engineering

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