With dedicated teams, we help our industrial clients in improving their power quality & optimizing their energy consumption. These in turn help them in improving the overall productivity and profitability of the plant.
By becoming a partner with our clients, we help them in achieving their KPIs related to energy cost optimization. We take full responsibility for the performance of our solutions.
If not mentioned, the product warranty would be 1 year

Well Glass Fixture
Wp:15W - 100W | FLP:15W - 90W

High Mast Fixture
Wp:15W - 600W

Clean Room Fixture
Wp:15W - 30W | FLP:15W - 60W

Bulk Head Fixture
FLP: 15W - 90W

Hi-bay Fixture
Wp:45W - 240W

Reactor Vessel Lamp Fixture
FLP: 15W

Street Light Fixture
Wp:15W - 200W | FLP: 15W - 60W

Hand Lamp Fixture
FLP: 15W

Flood Light Fixture
Wp:45W - 220W | FLP: 45W - 150W

LED Lights warranty: 2 to 5 years